Upcoming visits query

In longitudinal studies, it is useful to know list of upcoming visits prepare kits, plan staff etc.  E.g., visits next week or month. In v6.1, you can use the query module to get this information. You can also schedule the query to be run automatically. E.g. weekly every Thursday, or monthly report on every 25th.

Query definition file (JSON) can be downloaded from here and imported on the OS instance: Upcoming Visits. This is also part of the default queries in v6.1.

To create a new query:

  1. Go to the 'Queries' from 'Dashboard' and click on 'Create'.
  2. Create a filter with 'Participant ID > Exists'
  3. Click on the clock icon beside 'Add Filter' to add a temporal expression.
  4. Add the date_range function with 'Participant > Anticipated Specimens >  Event Date' as the date type field and 'next_month' as the range type (since interval is not specified, it will be taken as 1)

  5. Click on 'View Records'.
  6. To define columns: Go to 'Actions'> 'Columns' in order to select the visit-specific details.