Query based on distributed samples

Example: User wants to prepare a utilization review report for all the distributed samples. Return all specimens / segments / samples distributed in the past year.

The example query file can be imported by downloading this file- Query File

  1. Select queries from dashboard and click on '+Create'. This is report for orders that are already processed. Thus, click on 'Order Status' under 'Order' and select 'Executed' as a value.

  2. To add a specific personnel who performed the order, click on 'Requester Name' under order and select user that you wish to add like a researcher or site admin.

  3. To specify dates that these samples are collected, click on 'Order' and select' Execution Date'. As mentioned in this example, user is looking for samples collected in the past year-in this example 2016. Select 'All' as the operator and click on 'Parameterize Filter' which provides the user with the option to change the condition, in this case date range, at the time of query. 
  4. To collect all the samples/segments, select Order, click on 'Specimen Label' and mark 'All' as the operator.
  5. Since the user wants to collect only distributed samples, click on Order and Select 'Specimen Status'. Add 'Distributed' as a value for the sample status.