Search for Tissue Slides

Examples: User is looking for slides to distribute for a tumor tissue survey study. User needs to find segments of frozen tissue slides that are available and corresponds to primary tumor.

The example query file can be imported by downloading this file-Query File

Here are the steps how to create the query.

  1. Select Queries from Dashboard and Click on '+Create'. Click on 'Specimen' and select 'Frozen Tissue Slide' as 'Type'.

  2. Click on 'Specimen' and select 'Collection Status'. Select 'Collected' as 'Condition Value'.

  3. In order to define class of specimen, click on 'Specimen'→'Class' and select 'Tissue' as condition value.
  4. Click on 'Specimen'→ 'Pathological Type' and select 'Pre-Malignant' as condition value as user looks for primary tumor tissues.