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Create new queries

Create queries based on fields across standard, custom forms, and fields with complex expressions (AND, OR, NOT, intersection, hierarchical, and parenthesis).

See: Sample queries

Get counts (pivot tables)

Run the queries to get the count of participants and specimens that match the filters.

Get raw data

Run queries to get raw data from the system.

See: Query Results view

Save query

Save query so that it can be reused for later use.
Folders and sharing

Saved queries can be organized in folders and shared with other users. E.g., 2-3 users are working on shortlisting specimens for a project can share the same set of queries.

See: Share queries


Data is filtered as per the user's privileges. E.g., if the user does not have PHI access, the patient identifier fields will be hidden.

Access to the Query module can be controlled using the Query privilege. 

See: Query Privilege (v6.3)

Data export (CSV)Data from the query results view can be exported as a CSV file.
Custom fields and formsThe custom forms and field added via form builder is available for querying the reports.
Calculated fields

Difference between two dates (e.g., age at the collection, warm ischemia time, etc.)

See: Calculated fields (Temporal Queries)

Hierarchical queriesTo support queries like, show any DNA aliquot whose parent specimen's "warm ischemia time" is less than x minutes.
Import and Export queriesOne can import and export queries from one instance to another—E.g., test server to production server.
Aggregate functionsSupports functions like sum, max, min, etc.

Create visually appealing dashboards with graphs and numeric counters based on query results.

See: Dashboard changes using query

Got feedback or spotted a mistake?

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