Query for participants registered to multiple CPs

Users can create query for the participants that are registered to multiple CPs say CP1, CP2 and CP3 using the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to queries and add a filter for field 'CP Short Title', Operator - 'Is One Of' and 'Condition Value' - CP1, CP2 and CP3.
  2. In the columns select fields - CP Short title, Participant ID and PPID

3. Click next and select count of PPID field

4. Create a pivot table as displayed in the screenshot

5. The result will be a pivot table with the count of the participants registered to multiple CPs. In the screenshot below, the participant with ID 2545 is registered to 2 CPs - 'MES-PW' and 'MES-PW2', whereas 38071 is registered to the 3rd CP MES-PW1.

Attached below is the sample query for user reference. Once the query is imported, edit the filters and add the CP names for which query is to be executed.

Sample query