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Getting Started

This chapter describes how to log into the OpenSpecimen and use general functions available in OpenSpecimen. This chapter includes the following topics.

Self Registration

To create a user account in OpenSpecimen -

  1. Click the Sign Up button on the home page.
  2. Enter the necessary details and click 'Sign up'.
  3. Once signed up, an email is sent to the administrator to review and approve the user.
  4. The user will get an email notification once the user is approved.


Visit Roles & Privileges to learn more.

Feedback and Reporting Problems

Click on the icon at the top of the page to open a feedback form.

Navigation Menu

Click the icon on the top-left of the page to open the menu.

Keyword Search

The quick search box in the middle of the top bar allows you to search different types of records using their unique identifiers, e.g., specimen label/barcode, participant PPID, name, CP title, shipment title, etc. Refer Keyword/Global Search for more details.   

Access Help Pages

Most pages have a 'Help' button to access the help pages for that module.

Customize Help Pages

If you have your own help pages developed for your local use, you can configure OpenSpecimen to go those pages instead of the global user manual. As a super admin, go to the "Settings" tab, and you will find options to configure the help links.

Which version of OpenSpecimen am I using?

Click theicon at the top-right of any page and click 'About OpenSpecimen' to display the version details.

Got feedback or spotted a mistake?

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