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Mobile App Overview (v2 version)



The OpenSpecimen mobile app is designed to run on devices such as phones and tablets. The goal of the mobile app is to make it easy to perform data entry where using a laptop is not convenient.

For example:

  1. Registering participants in a clinic

  2. Consenting participants

  3. Lab staff managing inventory in a freezer room

The app also supports offline data entry, i.e. without network. For example, when users are offsite.

The mobile app is compatible with OpenSpecimen v7.2 and higher versions


The mobile app supports the following features:

  • Registering participants under protocols

  • Collect planned and unplanned visits, specimens

  • Register participants and collect visits, specimens by scanning barcodes

  • Custom form/questionnaire data entry at each level

  • Search participants by MRN and eMPI

  • Search specimens by barcodes

  • Specimen event data entry

  • Configure screens for a participant, visit, and specimen pages

  • Data entry in online and offline mode

  • Configuration of workflows per protocol to define data fields to be collected under each page

  • Download participant and visit data into offline mode

  • Clear Cache of mobile app for better flexibility and speed

  • Navigate through different levels of data

Screen And Server URL Configuration

For the data entry and overview screens, the mobile app uses the same JSON workflow as the web app. Any changes made in the JSON to configure the web-UI will also update the mobile app screens.

The mobile app list view screens can be configured separately. Refer to '' for more details.

Online Mode Data Entry

Refer to for more details.

Offline Mode Data Entry

The offline mode is useful when collecting data at an offsite location with no internet or VPN connectivity.

Refer to for more details.

Patient Mode

Refer to for details of patient mode.

Roles And Privileges

The user login, data access, security, audit, etc., work the same way in mobile and web apps.

Refer to the  for more details.


Got feedback or spotted a mistake?

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