Consent based queries

OpenSpecimen stores specimens at participant level. There can be one or more consent statements defined for a CP with responses "Yes", "No", or "Not Specified".

This query example shows how to search for all participants who have said "Yes" for "Consent to process DNA". You can view this query on the demo site here: 'Consent Based Query'

  1. Go to home page and click on 'Queries' card
  2. Click on 'Create' button from queries list page
  3. Add filter: 'Participant-->Consent Statement-->Equals-->Consent to process DNA'

    Add filter: 'Participant-->Consent Response-->Equals-->Yes'

  4.  Click on 'View Records' button


Query with multiple consent statements

To handle multiple consent statements, repeat the above by using "Is One Of" filter condition.

(Consent statement "is one of" [Consent to process DNA, Consent to store the samples for research] and Consent Response = Yes)


Defining results view

Follow the steps to add columns in the results table of the created query:

  1. Click on 'Columns' button from the query results page 
  2. Select the columns that you wish to view in the results table by checking the checkbox and click on 'Done' button



You can now view the records with participant and specimen details