Search based on MRNs

Example: User has a list of MRNs for participants who were given a treatment (or treated with drug 'X'). The user needs to check for samples taken from these participants and stored in the biobank.

User can create a query in OpenSpecimen and check for the samples on the basis of MRN by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Select MRN from the participant form
  2. Add filter on MRN with operator 'Is One Of' and paste the MRN values in the text box provided
  3. The values can be comma, tab or new line separated
  4. Add a filter for specimen, for example - Type equals 'Serum'
  5. Click on 'View Records'
  6. To select the desired columns for participant, visit, specimen click on 'Columns'
  7. Select the fields to be displayed in the results
  8. To export these results click on 'Export'. This would download a CSV file with the query results

Refer to the sample query to fetch participants with a few MRNs ("12345", "123", "45565") having serum samples. 

Link to the demo site to try out the query -