How to fix the ICD 10 codes with the decimal values.

To update the clinical diagnosis ICD 10 concept code with the decimal value, please refer to the below steps.
Eg: Clinical diagnosis concept code values 'A00.0, A00.1, A02.21 etc.

  1. Download the attached'
  2. Connect to the MySQL server
  3. Copy the downloaded file on the server and extract it.
  4. Connect and use the MySQL database where you want to update the codes.
  5. Create the index on the 'value' field of the table 'catissue_permissible_value' using the below query.
Create Index
CREATE INDEX idx_value ON catissue_permissible_value(value);

     6. Run the below query to update the ICD-10 codes.

Create Index
Source <SQL FIle Name>;

   7. Verify the update code from UI. (Extras→ Dropdown→ Clinical Diagnosis)