Updating dropdown values

Via user interface - Enterprise users

Refer to Dropdown Manager

Via database - Community users

  1. Connect to the database
  2. Insert new values in table catissue_permissible_values.
  3. Identifier: is auto-generated, do not set any value to this.
  4. Public ID: Refer catissue_cde table to know the public id of the dropdowns.

SQL to add new permissible value


  1. Add new value in 'Gender'
    insert into catissue_permissible_value(value, public_id) values('Male', 'gender');
  2. Add new value in "Specimen Type" under "Fluid"
    insert into catissue_permissible_value(value, public_id, parent_identifier) 
      'Buffy Coat', 'specimen_type', identifier 
      value="Fluid" and public_id="specimen_type";

SQL to delete the permissible value

  1. Delete a permissible value from 'Gender'
    delete from catissue_permissible_value where value="Male" and public_id="gender"
  2.  Delete permissible value from specimen type
    delete from catissue_permissible_value where identifier=<id>
    Note- By using select query get identifer of the deleting value.
    select identifier from catissue_permissible_value where value="Buffy Coat" and public_id="specimen_type";