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End User Training


Krishagni provides instructor-led onsite or online training. Training is conducted by Senior Product Experts using customers' specific data and workflows. The training assures an understanding of product fundamentals along with best practices.

Training Topics

 The schedule covers all product features spread over a period of two days for onsite training for various user roles. Web-based Virtual training can be scheduled as per availability and selected topics.


Roles: Administrators

  • System settings
  • Configure User with different Roles and Privileges
  • Configure Institutes & Sites
  • Configure Storage Type & Freezers
  • Configure Planned & Unplanned Collection Protocol(CP)
    • Configure labels
    • Consents
    • Privileges
    • Auto container allocation
    • Workflows
  • Configure custom forms and fields
  • Configure Distribution Protocol(DP)
  • Configuring catalogs

Roles: Data Entry Personnel/Tissue Bankers

  • Participant Registration - Consents, ID Generation, Multiple Protocol Registration
  • Planned Collection - Labelling, Storage, Protocol Deviations
  • Unplanned Collection - Primary, Derivatives, Aliquots
  • Specimen Events - Default & Custom
  • Custom Form Data Entry
  • Distribution of specimens
Bulk Upload and Reports

Roles: All Users

  • CSV Import
  • Query/Reports  
    • New Query - Simple, Hierarchical, Temporal
    • Saved Queries - Parameterized, Folders, Share
    • Data & Summary Reports
  • Catalog & Request Specimens

Note: The sessions & modules can be customized based on customer's requirements. 


The training is conducted over 3-4 weeks across 8-10 one-hour sessions. Additional follow sessions can be conducted based on need (up to 4 sessions).

Got feedback or spotted a mistake?

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