Unsupported features

This page contains the features which are not supported in OpenSpecimen.



Reason / Description



Reason / Description


Querying using ‘Specimen Array Status’

Currently, the query can be created using the following Specimen Array Event fields:

  1. Specimen Array Event ID

  2. Name

  3. Row

  4. Column

  5. User

  6. Date and Time



Configuring ‘Export Cores Detail’ report

It is not possible to configure the 'Export Core Details' report.

The columns that are extracted when you click on ‘Export Cores Detail’ are- Name, Length (mm), Width (mm), Thickness (mm), Core Diameter (mm), Rows, Columns, Cores, Cases, Status, Comments along with all the details of specimens used in the array.


Dispatch/ Distribution of arrays

Dispatch/ distribution of arrays is not supported in OpenSpecimen.

Biospecimen Data Entry

Setting the primary specimen ‘Available Quantity’ to 0 as the default value.

Setting the primary specimen requirement quantity to '0' means the initial specimen quantity is 0. If '0' ml of blood was drawn from the patient, 10 ml of plasma and serum were extracted. The principle of conservation will be obliterated in this scenario.

Available quantity can be left blank, but cannot be set as '0.'


Custom Form attached at DP custom fields level/ DP Requirement custom fields level

The custom fields of forms attached to the DP requirements custom field level or the DP custom fields level are not visible under the Query Filters.

However, you have an option to view these fields in your distribution report. Refer to the wiki page for more information on “Distribution Report.“


Query results

You can only view the results for the CPs that you have access to.

Example: If you create a query by filter “Participants registered in last 2 months” and click on ‘View Records,’ the results displayed would be restricted to the CPs you have access to.

This is true for all users except for super admins. As a super admin, you will have access to all records.