CP Coding

How to enable CP codes?

CP code fields are displayed only if the "CP coding" is enabled in the settings page. By default, the setting is disabled to hide code fields.

Given below are steps to enable CP coding setting:

  1. Login as super admin
  2. Navigate to Settings → Biospecimen. 
  3. Find the "CP Coding" setting variable in a right-side panel and enable it.

  4. Go to add or edit CP. You should now be able to see additional fields.

CP site code vs Site code

There is a code field on the Sites page. Also, you can add codes for sites on the CP page. End users often get confused between the two.

The CP site code is a unique code per site within the CP. The Site code is a system-wide code assigned for the site.

Below are some uses of these codes:

Site code:

  • Container label and PPID formats
  • SPR report loading

CP Site code:

  • Barcoding in multi-site clinical studies

Example: To generate PPID automatically with protocol-specific site code. 

  • Set PPID format under 'Label Format and Print Settings' using 'CP_SITE_CODE' token. (e.g. “%CP_SITE_CODE%_%CP_UID(4)%”). Refer ‘PPID label format’ for details on tokens.
  • Add CP specific site code on CP page

  • When a participant is registered to this CP, PPID will be generated based on CP site code as below