Container Maintenance Tasks

Equipment maintenance is critical for quality specimens. For example, freezer annual maintenance, rack consolidation, defrost, check alarms, etc. Such tasks had to be listed and tracked outside the system in cumbersome Excel sheets.

From v6.3, OpenSpecimen allows you to manage freezer maintenance tasks. You can now:

  1. Create schedule reminders (monthly, quarterly, annual, etc)

  2. Add tasks done against scheduled tasks

  3. Add ad-hoc tasks

  4. Generate reports

Creating Tasks

Prerequisites: User should have a Super Admin privilege.

The different maintenance tasks that are to be performed on storage containers can be defined from ‘Tasks’ on the ‘Containers’ list page:

Clicking on that will lead you to the ‘Container Tasks’ page.

This has a list of all the services that have been added along with their description.


  1. From the navigation menu, go to ‘Containers’ > ‘Tasks’ > ‘Create’


  2. Enter the name of the task and description and click on ‘Create’


  3. This service is visible on the ‘Containers Tasks' list page


In case you do not need any service from the dropdown, there is an option to ‘Archive’ the task from this list page:

Once the tasks are defined, you can move on to scheduling the maintenance activities for a freezer.

Configure container maintenance task


  1. The tasks should be already created (using the ‘Creating Tasks’ method above).

  2. User should have container add/edit privilege.

A container maintenance task can be configured for a container and can be scheduled to run for a specific interval. Reminders are sent to the specified user before the maintenance task is scheduled to be carried out.

Schedule a Task

Clicking on the container, there is an additional option added for ‘Maintenance’:

Clicking on that leads you to another page that has details of the scheduled maintenance activities and the logs of the activities that have been completed for that particular freezer.

  1. From the ‘Navigation’ menu, go to ‘Containers’ list page and select the freezer for which maintenance activity is to be scheduled.

  2. Click on the ‘Maintenance’ tab on the last and from the ‘Scheduled Activities’ tab, click on ‘Create’







Title of the scheduled activity


Task that is to be performed for that activity. It is a dropdown with values populated form the list of container tasks that were created above.

Start Date

Date of start of the cycle or the maintenance activity

Cycle Interval

Number of days/months/weeks/years period after which the activity is to be run. The activity will schedule after each cycle interval.

Remind Before

Number of days/months/weeks/years before the completion of the interval a reminder notification will be sent saying that the maintenance is due for a specific container.

Assigned Users

Users to which the reminder notification of the maintenance task is to be sent.

  1. Fill in the information. All fields are mandatory. Click on ‘Create’


  2. The activity will be created as follows:


  3. The created activity can be edited or archived if not needed by the ‘Edit’ and ‘Archive’ icons respectively on the right side of the activity


Log a completed activity

You can enter the details of the maintenance activities that are completed. This can be used to track the unplanned maintenance activities as well as scheduled activities performed on the freezer.

‘Activities Log’ can be found on the tab adjacent to ‘Scheduled Activities’ at the freezer maintenance level.

  1. Go to ‘Navigation’ menu > ‘Containers’ > ‘Freezer’ > ‘Activities Log’ > ‘Create’


  2. Fill in the required details.








Ad hoc: Unplanned activity
Scheduled: Planned or scheduled maintenance


Maintenance task that was performed. This dropdown has values populated from the list of tasks that have been defined earlier

Performed By

User that performed this maintenance task. Default value is set to current user

Activity Date

Date when the activity was performed. Set to current date by default

Time Taken (in minutes)

The time taken for the maintenance task (in minutes)


Additional information related to the maintenance task performed

  1. Click on ‘Create’


The logged activity can be edited if you need to update the details or archived in case not in use anymore by clicking on the ‘Edit’ and ‘Archive’ icons on the right side of the logged activity.

You can also export the log of completed activities by clicking on ‘Export’. This exports all the details of the logged activities in a zip format.