Dimensionless Containers

The dimensionless container is a container with no fixed size or dimensions. This is useful to create site-specific temporary "hold" freezer or automated freezers.

Create dimensionless container

  1. Go to containers list page, click on ‘Create’ button
  2. Enter all necessary details, select option 'Yes' for the field ‘Dimensionless?’ and click on ‘Create’ button

  3. The map view for the dimensionless container is not available as it does not have any fixed size

Create dimensionless containers via CSV import

You can create the dimensionless container in bulk through the bulk operation. Refer ‘Create/Update Storage containers’ for more details.

Creating sized containers under dimensionless container (new in v4.3)

You can also create a dimensionless freezer but have normal racks, shelves or boxes within it. This is useful for creating temporary hold freezers where you store boxes for pickup.

  1. Go to create container page
  2. Select the dimensionless container from the 'Parent Container's' dropdown
  3. Enter all valid values and click on "Create"

Similarly, you can also create dimensionless container under any sized container, Select sized container from the 'Parent Container's drop-down.