Collection Protocol


A Collection Protocol (CP) defines the details of a standardized protocol used to collect biospecimens. This includes any information on the approved project such as the title of the study, institution, name of the investigator, ethics approval ID, consent forms, standard operating procedures (SOPs), samples to be collected and processed. Users can define multiple collection protocols within an OpenSpecimen instance.

Create a Collection Protocol

Before you create a Collection Protocol, do you have the detailed guidelines that specify what, how, and when the biospecimens are to be collected? Most biobanks collect specimens for two types of studies:

  • General biobanking or disease-based collections
  • Planned clinical study based collections

The study can be further classified as participant-centric or specimen-centric based on what kind of data is collected. OpenSpecimen supports both types of studies.

Collection Protocol Type

After creating the collection protocol, users can not change the type from "Participant Centric" to "Specimen Centric" and vice-versa.

More details


To edit a CP, you need to have access to all the sites of that CP.