Managing multiple biobanks within single OpenSpecimen

OpenSpecimen is designed to manage multiple biobanks within a single instance of OpenSpecimen. To achieve this it is important to first understand the high level data organization of OpenSpecimen.



  1. An institute can be a biobank or research group.
  2. A site represents a collection site, storage site, lab etc.
  3. A collection protocol can be linked with one or more sites. E.g. for a multi-site collection studies.
  4. Users can be linked with one or more collection protocols.
  5. Users have access to only those studies which they are linked with.
  6. Users have access to only the storage containers of the sites they are linked with.

How to configure multiple biobanks?

  1. Create a new "institute" per biobank and assign one or more "institute admin" 
  2. The institute admin can do all the operations within that institute. E.g. create users, sites, protocols, containers, etc.

How to give access to users to studies under different institutes?

CP name: Breast Cancer Collections (BC_CP)
CP Site: "New York Collection Site" in "All USA" Institute

User: John is from "All England" Institute and Site "London Collection Site"
Now it is decided that samples will be collected in London for the BC_CP.  To give John access to it, you need to add "London Collection Site" to the BC_CP's sites list.

A CP can have sites from different institutes.