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Jobs are used for developing any custom task (E.g., a custom report, alert, etc.). They can either run on-demand or scheduled.

Types of Jobs:

Scheduling Jobs

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A job can be scheduled to repeat at the below intervals:

  1. Monthly
  2. Weekly
  3. Daily
  4. Hourly
  5. Minutely
  6. On-Demand

Shared Jobs

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The shared users will be able to run the job.

Key points:

  1. Enable users to share the job with other users.
  2. Enable users to edit/delete the jobs created by them since users cannot edit/delete the shared jobs.
  3. Enable users to run both own or shared jobs.
  4. The job-run log shows only the runs initiated by the current user.
  5. An email notification is sent out to the users whenever a job is shared with them.

How to share a job with other users?

  1. While creating/editing a job, under ‘Shared with the following users,’ select multiple users.
  2. Click 'Create' or 'Update'

Delete Jobs

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To delete jobs, click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the job. Select the 'Delete' option.

The user will get a pop-up with the message 'Are you sure you want to delete the job 'Low supplies quantity alert?'', click on 'Delete' to delete the job.


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  1. Super administrators can add, edit, delete, and read all jobs.
  2. Institute administrators can view all job information. 
  3. Administrators can view all job information can not add/edit them.

This can be customized by assigning the "Jobs" privilege to any other role by the super administrator.

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