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Institutes and Sites


Institute corresponds to the overarching authority. An institute can have multiple sites, and all the data in OpenSpecimen corresponds to one or more sites. The user's privileges depend on which institute and site they belong to. So as a first step in setting up OpenSpecimen, the super administrator needs to set up the institute. 

Create Institute

To create the institute, select 'Institute' from the left side menu or home screen and click on '+Create'. Enter the name of the institution and click on 'Create'.

Create Institutes in bulk

The super admin users can create institutes in bulk using the 'Institutes' template downloaded from UI. Refer to the wiki page for more details.

Only super admins can create institutes.

Edit Institute

You can edit the Institute name by going to the overview page of the Institute → Edit → make changes → Update.


Sites correspond to any location where samples are collected, processed, or stored. Administrators can set up multiple sites which are later associated with:

  • Collection protocols for the registration of participants and collection of specimens

  • Freezers where specimens are stored

  • Research sites where specimens are dispatched to

Users can belong to one or more sites; this decides what data they can access in the system.

Creating Site

To create a site,

  1. From the sites page, click on '+Create'.

  2. Enter the values in the field and click on 'Create'.

Note: The site coordinators will automatically get assigned the role of administrator. An email notifying the user of the role assignment will be sent.

  1. User role

  2. Email Notification

Create sites in bulk

The user can create sites in bulk using the 'Sites' template downloaded from the user interface. Refer to the wiki page for more details

Field Title



Field Title





Institute under which the site has to be created. It should be an existing institute.



Name of the Site. It should be unique within the system



A unique short code for the site which can be used in the container names



It should be an existing user.



Collection Site, Repository, Laboratory, Not Specified



Address of the site

Super admins and Institute admins can create sites.

Export Sites

Users can export the list of sites from the user interface.

  • Export specific Sites: Check the checkbox of the sites → Click on Export

  • Export all sites: Click on the "Export" button on the site list view page.

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