Specimens in the container

Starting from v4.1, you can view the list of specimens stored in the container.

View specimens

Clicking on the 'Specimens' tab displays the list of specimens stored in that container and its child containers. E.g. If you are in a Rack, then it will show all the specimens from all the boxes in that rack.

Search for specimens

Also, you can search specimen in the container using the search filters in the right-hand side. E.g. search by type, site, etc.

Bulk operations

You can select specimens stored in the container and do below-listed bulk operations:

  1. Edit
  2. Print
  3. Delete
  4. Close
  5. Distribute
  6. Reserve
  7. Ship
  8. Create Aliquots
  9. Create Derivatives
  10. Add/Edit Event
  11. Transfer
  12. Retrieve
  13. Service Request
  14. Request
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For more details, refer to the wiki page.

Download Report

Generate the report of all the specimens in the container throughout its hierarchy. E.g. if downloaded at the freezer level, it includes specimens across all racks and boxes within that freezer.

To download the report click on 'Containers → Specimens →  'Download Report' button.

The fields in this report is configurable via a saved query. The saved query ID is set in the 'Settings->Container Specimens Report' within OpenSpecimen.