User Level Forms

User Forms (v8.0)

You can collect additional data about users as per local needs. E.g., training details such as year of training, certification, and so on.

By default, the user training details form is installed during the upgrade. This form can be edited as per local needs. If you want to create a new form, you can refer to the wiki page.

User Profile Forms (v8.2)

The ‘User Forms’ can only be added/edited/deleted by the super or institute admins. These forms are used to track user-related details like training, additional information, etc.

The 'User Profile Forms' feature helps regular users to add/edit/delete forms. These forms could be created to receive feedback from the end-users, receive training requests, etc.

Attach User Level Forms

After creating a form based on your requirements, you can attach the form to the "User Forms" or “User Profile Forms“ levels.

  • Click on the spanner icon next to the form.

  • Attach the form at the "User Forms" or “User Profile Forms“ level.

  • You can add this form for all the institutes, or you can select the specific institutes.

  • To capture more than one record, you can select the "Multiple records allowed" checkbox.

Data Entry

Once you attach forms at the "User Forms" or “User Profile Forms“ level, you will be able to see those under the respective tabs from the user’s overview page. You can click on the form and do data entry.

User Forms

  • Navigate to the "Users" card.

  • Select the user for whom you want to capture the training data.

  • Click on the "Forms" tab from the User's overview page.

User Profile Forms

  • As a regular user, you can access your user profile form by clicking on the profile icon and select your account as shown below:

  • Click on the "Profile" tab from the overview page.


  • Super Admins and Institute Admins can access user profile forms.

  • Regular users cannot edit or access other users’ forms.