How to fix a slow loading Specimen query form?

These changes will be wiped out if you redeploy the app from the installer or code. You will have to redo the changes every time you redeploy.

This issue occurs mostly on instances running v4.3.x because of undesirables effects of code changes done to fix the issue OPSMN-4016. However, this issue is fixed in v5.0 onward.

For instance, still running v4.3.x, given below, are steps to fix this issue:

  1. Download the specimen query form (specimen.xml).
  2. Copy the downloaded query form as below:$ cp specimen.xml $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/openspecimen/WEB-INF/classes/query-forms/specimen.xml
  3. Restart OpenSpecimen

Note: $TOMCAT_HOME refers to the directory where Tomcat is installed.

If you are still facing issues, please email us at