v6.0 Release Notes


We are happy to announce that v6.0 is ready for download! As always, it has new features, improvements and bug fixes selected based on feedback from many of our current adopters. 

New features highlights:

  1. Keyword/Global Search
  2. Defragmentation Report
  3. Advanced UI configuration enhancements


Software/Hardware requirements

Review this page before attempting to upgrade for any changes: Software/Hardware Requirements.

Google-like keyword search

Search based on any text and the system will display results based on a search across participant PPID, visit name, container name, specimen label or barcode etc. The results are displayed based on the access rights of the user.

For more details, refer to 'Keyword/Global Search'

Freezer defragmentation report

This report suggests the best way to move specimens to consolidate boxes and use freezer space effectively. The report can be used to update the specimen locations using bulk import.     

For more details, refer to 'Defragmentation Report'

Advanced UI configurations

Below are the new UI screen configurations possible in v6.0:

  1. Configure columns on distribution specimen list page
  2. Configure fields in aliquots and derivatives creation page
  3. Rules-based specimen label formats
  4. Configure to what level should the specimen tree be expanded 
  5. Configure default value for freeze-thaw cycle
  6. Hide unplanned derivatives in specimen tree

Other enhancements

There are some new specimen label tokens and minor enhancements like below:

  1. Label token for including primary specimen label
  2. Specify sort order for events and requirements within collection protocol

All Improvements and bugs

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