v6.1 Release Notes


We are happy to announce that v6.1 is ready for download! As always, it has new features, improvements and bug fixes selected based on feedback from many of our current adopters. 

New features highlights:

  1. Archive users and create users as contacts
  2. Dropdown manager: Bulk operations like export, edit and delete on values
  3. LDAP and SAML configurations via UI
  4. Bulk operation: Support for semicolon delimiter 
  5. REDCap integration enhancements


EnterpriseEmail support@openspecimen.org

Github repository for v6.1

Post any installation related questions on forums.openspecimen.org

Software/Hardware requirements

Review this page before attempting to upgrade for any changes: Software/Hardware Requirements.

Administrative Enhancements


Contact Users

From v6.1, you can create a new user type called 'Contact'. These users will be able to access OpenSpecimen but they can be associated with the data e.g. PI, coordinator, collector etc. 


Archive Users

Admins can mark users as archived to remove unwanted users without deleting the user associated data.

For  more details refer: User Management

Dropdown Manager

Based on feedback, below enhancements are implemented in 'Dropdown Manager'. 

  1. Export values for one or more selected dropdowns. This file can be used to import into another instance of OpenSpecimen.
  2. Update properties of values in bulk
  3. Delete multiple values of a dropdown using bulk import

For more details refer: Dropdown Manager

Custom forms

In the previous version, if users deleted a custom form field by mistake, there was no way to retrieve it back. In v6.1, admins can undo the delete so that no data is lost. Refer to 'Undo delete of form fields' for more details.

Bulk Operation

Support for semicolon delimiter

OpenSpecimen now supports semicolon separated input files for bulk import of data in addition to comma separated files. This is useful for files being imported from external devices(E.g. Liquid handling systems) which might be outputting data in different formats.

Export container types

Admins can export container types in bulk which can be used to import into another OpenSpecimen server. This is useful when container types are set up on the test server and have to be moved to the production server.

The exported file can be used as is to import using bulk operations into another OpenSpecimen instance.

Container types can also be deleted in bulk as shown in the above screenshot.


Below are reports which are available as saved queries when you install v6.1:

  1. Upcoming visits report: The report lists the participant details and the visits that are anticipated in the next one month.
  2. Minor to major reconsent report: The report lists all participants who are minor and will turn major in the next 90 days. 

LDAP and SAML configurations via UI

Super admins can now configure one or more identity providers(LDAP or SAML based) to authenticate users in OpenSpecimen via UI. 

For more details, refer to Configuring Identity Providers.

REDCap Integration

Participant integration enhancements

  1. Delete participant - When participants are deleted from REDCap, corresponding participants and its associated data (visits, specimens, forms) are deleted from OpenSpecimen. 
  2. Merge participant - Participant merge is handled in a better way now using the identifiers MRN, eMPI or SSN. Refer to '/wiki/spaces/DEV/pages/412713060' for more details.
  3. Lock fields update - In OpenSpecimen, it is possible to lock the fields that are being fetched from REDCap. Once these fields are locked using JSON, the users are not allowed to edit these fields in OpenSpecimen. If these fields are updated in REDCap, the changes are synced in OpenSpecimen.

Recurring Instruments

OpenSpecimen can now handle the repeating instruments(forms) of REDCap. Repeating instruments are forms for which users can add multiple records.

Instrument fields inclusion and exclusion lists

Admins can now exclude part of the instrument from syncing with OpenSpecimen. For more details, refer to the section participant mapping in '/wiki/spaces/DEV/pages/412713060'

All Improvements and bugs

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