v6.3 Release Notes


We are happy to release v6.3 and the highlights of this release are:

New Features

  1. Dashlets edit and delete
  2. Assign Query privilege per user
  3. Disable email notifications per user
  4. Assign Jobs per user
  5. Print token to include any field (including custom fields)

  6. Container maintenance tasks
  7. Catalog enhancements
  8. Receive event enhancements
  9. REDCap integration enhancements

Ease of Use Enhancements

  1. Add multiple bulk-events for same specimens
  2. Configure CP list view
  3. Starring of CPs
  4. Display message for "no records" when 0 rows to display
  5. Display visits based on conditions for longitudinal CPs 
  6. Display tooltip in query results for long values

Bug fixes

See last section


EnterpriseEmail support@openspecimen.org

Github repository for v6.3 

Post any installation related questions on forums.openspecimen.org

Software/Hardware requirements

Review this page before attempting to upgrade for any changes: Software/Hardware Requirements.

Administrative Enhancements

Dashlets - List, Edit & Delete

Dashlets used in dashboards can now be managed by super admins through UI. Go to Extras → Dashlets to see the list of dashlets.

New features:

  • Edit name and description
  • Delete (only if not used in any dashboard)
  • Export and Import
  • Preview


For more details refer: Dashboard

Configurable CP List View

The CP list page can now be configured to include any field of CP including custom fields. Criteria to sort the CP list and filters (on the left side) can also be configured.

E.g: End data and CP type (custom field) are displayed in the list view.

For more details: CP list view

Starring of a CP

The CPs that are to be visited frequently can be made to appear at the top of the list by 'star'ring them. This will make it easier for the super-admins to access the protocols that are frequently visited, saving the efforts to search the same protocols every time.

More information: Starring of a Collection Protocol

New Print Token - Eval

With the new Eval token, you can

  • Include standard or custom fields 
  • Use expressions: E.g.: eval("Created On", #formatDate(#specimen.createdOn, "MMM, yyyy"))

Refer for more details: 'Print Rules'

Container Maintenance Tasks

Freezer maintenance tasks like cleanup, defrost, consolidate, servicing, etc has to be performed as regular intervals. You can now

  1. Schedule maintenance tasks
  2. Record performing the tasks

For more details: 'Container Maintenance Tasks'

Assign Jobs to Users

In previous versions, there was no way to assign specific Jobs to users (it was all or none). However, some jobs might be relevant only to some users. Al

Now you can

  1. Share specific jobs with specific users
  2. Restrict who can create a job vs who can only run jobs.

For more details: Jobs

Catalog Settings

While creating catalogs, admins can:

  • Hide dashboards within the catalog
  • Hide buttons like 'Sign In' or 'Sign Up' (for catalogs are shared with researchers who do not need login)
  • Reorder dashlets

Custom forms

Reorder subform fields via XML

If you want to change the order of fields within a subform after a form is created, download the form XML and change the order fields within subform to reorder.

Include dropdowns created using Dropdown Manager

For more details: 'Fancy Control'

Hide anticipated visits based on conditions

Every protocol event(time point) defined in the protocol might not be relevant for every participant. For example, consider a study where mother and partner are registered and some samples are collected during delivery which is only relevant only for mother. 

This is done via JSON configurations. For more details: Visits configuration

Specimen Data Entry Enhancements

Add more than one Events for many specimens

Now you can add more than one events for the same set of specimens. Earlier you had to go a back to the specimens lists, select the same set of specimens, add the events.

This enhancement will reduce the steps and reduce changes of errors.

Received event enhancements

When collecting primary specimens, the received event details might not be known. However during specimen collection, the Received Event is created by default with received time as current date/time. This can be confusing since it is not clear which specimens are actually received by the lab.

To fix this:

  1. "Received event quality" dropdown is displayed in the collection page
  2. It can be defaulted to 'To be received' via JSON config

Users can query for all specimens which are yet to be received in the lab and update the status once received.

Query Improvements

Query Privilege

In previous versions, query module was available to all users. It was not possible to restrict certain users from creating new queries, downloading data OR hiding query module. In v6.3, roles can be configured to control access to create, run, export data and delete queries.

For more details: 'Query Privilege (v6.3)'

Other Query Enhancements

  • Display tooltip for values in the query results table in both data based and count based pivot table queries
  • Ability to query based on 'Signed Consent File' name field to find if consent file was uploaded or not for a participant

REDCap Integration Improvements

Below are some REDCap integration enhancements:

  • Ability to stop RC sync for instruments & records
  • Ability to exclude RC events from being synced to OpenSpecimen: Option to ignore the unmapped REDCap visit events from synching into OpenSpecimen.
  • Ignore unsupported field types in RC

All Improvements and Bugs

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