V3.3 Release notes


Enterprise version: Email contact@openspecimen.org
Community version: https://github.com/krishagni/openspecimen/tree/v3.3.RC1


Enterprise version: Email contact@openspecimen.org
Community version: forums.openspecimen.org

Database schema

Visit dbschema.openspecimen.org

Major features in this release

Community version




Collection Protocol Monthly Report

Generate protocol specific reports automatically and get summary report in email

More details
Institute Administrator RoleAssign 'Institute Admin' role to users to allow them to do all super admin tasks within an institute

More details

AnnouncementSend announcement to all active users for example server maintenance emailsMore details
Bulk operations from Specimen CartAdd aliquots and derivatives in bulk from specimen cartMore details
Configurable participant & specimen listChange the list of columns displayed per protocol for the participants and specimens view More details
Custom fields per protocolCreate custom fields and configure to appear on main screens for specific protocol More details
SOP documentLink a document or URL to give users access to SOP per protocol which they can refer to during specimen collection and processingMore details
Customizable Help LinksAll operations are linked to help links in confluence developed by Krishagni. This can be configured to link to institute specific documentationMore details
Specimen label uniqueness within protocolConfigure to validate specimen label uniqueness within protocol rather than throughout the system. This will allow to have duplicate label across protocols which is required for multi site setup.

Enterprise edition

DashboardsLink graphical dashboards per collection protocol e.g. graphs of collection vs distribution, specimen count by type, anatomic site, etc.
Simple Data EntryDesign simple data entry screens as per protocol requirement. Support single specimen and batch specimen mode.
Rapid Data EntryBarcode based data entry mode for high throughput specimen collection
Specimen CatalogPublish your biospecimen collection to external researchers. Supports filtering and requesting.
Specimen RequestsLet researcher submit for specimen requests from within OpenSpecimen.
Tissue MicroarrayCreate TMAs using specimens in OpenSpecimen and track events and associated data.
Dropdown ManagerUpdate any dropdown lists of the OpenSpecimen fields using the 'Dropdown Manager' plugin.

List of Enhancements

key summary reporting center reporter