Move visits

From v6.3, OpenSpecimen allows you to move visit along with specimens from one patient to another.

You can do so for the participant within:

  1. Same participant registration

  2. Different participant registration of the same protocol

  3. Different participant registration of a different protocol

You can achieve this using the 'Visit' template.


  1. Go to the collection protocols list page, click on 'Import' button and select option 'Biospecimen Data' OR

2. Go to participants list page of the CP whose specimens has to be created/updated, click on 'More' . button and select option 'Biospecimen Data'


3. Select 'Visit' from 'Select Record Type' dropdown and click on 'Download Template File' to download the template file.

4. Enter the CP Title, PPID, Event Label for the patient where you moving the visit. Enter the visit name which you want to move in the respective template.

5. Upload the filled template file in 'Input Records File' field, select 'Import Type' as 'Update'

6. Click on 'Validate and Import' button

7. Refer 'Import status' to check the status of import job