Configuring header in unplanned specimen page

When adding unplanned specimens, users can create multiple specimens at once. Each primary unplanned specimen by default get a header as Specimen1, Specimen2 etc. In v6.0, this can be configured in JSON. By default, titles in the 'Add Specimen' page is "Specimen <count>: <Specimen Desc>". In order to configure this, add below setting in the protocol or system workflow JSON: 

    "name": "common",
    "addSpecimen": {
      "cardTitleTmpl":  "<span>{{$index + 1}}: <os-specimen-desc cp=\"cp\" specimen=\"specimen\"></os-specimen-desc>",


Before configuring the JSON, card title displayed in unplanned specimen page:

After configuring the JSON, card title displayed in unplanned specimen page: