Specimen Catalog and Requests


Biobanks provide valuable biospecimens and data to researchers, thus promoting and helping advance biospecimen research. However, many biobanks struggle to share their biospecimens, and researchers find it difficult to source samples. 

OpenSpecimen's SpecimenCatalog module closes the gap between biobanks and researchers by providing a web-based biospecimen catalog. Using SpecimenCatalog, researchers can easily search for samples and associated data based on multiple filters like specimen type, anatomical site, etc. They can compare and contrast samples available from different biobanks and directly request access. OpenSpecimen sends all request forms to biobanks which can then fill the order and ship the biospecimens.

SpecimenCatalog makes it easy for biobanks to upload a range of data about their biospecimens, including sample data, de-identified clinical data, and quality assurance data. It is entirely configurable, and biobanks can decide how much data to upload and who can access this data. 


Who needs SpecimenCatalog?

  1. Researchers searching for biospecimens (human, animal, plant, etc).
  2. Biobanks who want to increase the use of their sample inventories

Why SpecimenCatalog?

  1. Easily share data with external and internal researchers.
  2. Configurable without IT support/programming efforts.
  3. Visually appealing dashboards.
  4. Easy to use query via the user interface.
  5. Create multiple catalogs (E.g., Breast Cancer catalog, HIV catalog, etc).
  6. Track and fulfill requests from researchers.
  7. Email notifications.

Do I need to have OpenSpecimen to use SpecimenCatalog?

No, anyone can use SpecimenCatalog. 

For demo and more details

Please email us at contact@krishagni.org