Set default value for freeze thaw and increment freeze thaw via JSON

In v6.0 and above, the default value for 'Increment parent's freeze-thaw?' is 'Yes'. The freeze-thaw values for the child specimens are populated as the freeze-thaw cycle of parent +1.

In order to set the default value for the fields 'Increment parent's freeze-thaw?' and 'Freeze-thaw cycle' via JSON, we can add CP based configuration parameter to specify whether the parent specimen's freeze/thaw cycles should be incremented or not.

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JSON code for a set default value for freeze-thaw and increment freeze-thaw:

     "name": "common",
     "data": {
       "incrementFreezeThawCycles": false,

Before configuring the JSON, derivative and aliquot field "freeze-thaw cycles" is set as parent's freeze-thaw cycles+1:
Primary Specimen:


Aliquot of the derivative:

After configuring the JSON, on the primary collection, derivative and aliquot overview page we can set the default value for the field 'Freeze-thaw cycle'.

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Add the below code block in the derivatives and aliquots section, refer to Configure derivative and aliquot page for more details

Code block
   "name" : "specimen.incrParentFreezeThaw",
   "caption" : "Increment Freeze thaw",
   "type" : "toggle-checkbox",
   "width" : "60px",
  "defaultValue" : true

Parent specimen page where the freeze thaw is not yet set.

Once the JSON is configured, the create derivative will have a checkbox for 'Increment Freeze thaw'. If checked, the freeze thaw for the derivative and the parent will be updated to 1. The field can be set to checked/unchecked as default in the code using "defaultValue" : true/false

After the derivative is created, the freeze thaw cycle for parent =1

Derivative sample

The aliquot creation page can also be configured to add the 'Increment Freeze thaw' field like below.

After aliquot creation, the derivative freeze thaw cycle is updated to 2

The aliquots freeze thaw cycle is also 2.