v4.1 Release Notes


Enterprise version: http://www.openspecimen.org/marketplace/v4-1/
Community version: https://github.com/krishagni/openspecimen/tree/v4.1 


Enterprise version: Email contact@openspecimen.org
Community version: forums.openspecimen.org

Major features in this release

Community version

Bulk operations on users

Ability to perform bulk operations like edit, delete, approve new users and unlock user accounts from UI in one-go.

Bulk export of users, sites, institutes and containersAbility to export administrative data in CSV files which can be imported using bulk operations into another instance, for e.g. test to production.
Bulk delete

Ability to delete data in bulk through UI:

1. Site
2. Institute
3. Collection Protocol
4. Distribution Protocol
5. Custom Forms
6. Storage Container

Specimens view in containers
  • Ability to view specimens in list from container view.
  • Select specimens from the container view and perform bulk operations from UI like adding events, creating aliquots, delete and creating carts.

Link collection and distribution protocol

Reserve specimens for specific investigator by linking collection protocol to one or more distribution protocols.

Direct distribution

Ability to distribute specimens in one click after collection of specimens.

Attach forms at participant levelForms can be attached at 'Participant' level so that the form record is available under all protocols that the participant is registered to. For protocol specific form data entry, the form can be attached at 'Collection Protocol Registration' level.
Email settings
  • Enable/Disable all emails sent by system
  • Disable emails sent when doing bulk import of data
System lockdownSuper admins can enable 'System lockdown' through settings so that no user uses the system. This is helpful for downtime during system upgrades.

Enterprise version

RDE Enhancements

University of Maryland

University of Auckland

RDE now supports configuring box layout (i.e. alignment of aliquots within the box) at the CP level to enable institutes using box scanners to make use of RDE.

Community call recording

OpenSpecimen monthly community call recording demoing v4.0 features can be found here -


Bug Fixes

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