v3.1 Release Notes


Community edition: https://github.com/krishagni/openspecimen/tree/v3.1

Enterprise edition: contact@openspecimen.org

New Features in Core

Single click freezer creation

It can be very time consuming to create freezer with all its racks, shelves and boxes - one at time. OpenSpecimen now supports an option to rapidly create the whole hierarchy of a freezer in one go - including auto-generating the container names.
Read more and watch video here.

Advanced printing options

Now there are a few more options in the collection protocol for printing labels, including pre-printing of labels, setting default print options, etc.

Track freeze/thaw cycles

This is one of the important factor to determine specimen quality. A new field is added which is auto-incremented every time a specimen is processed, distributed, returned etc.

Return specimens after distribution

If full or partial specimens are returned after distribution, this feature will allow to record the return and storage back in the inventory.

New bulk import templates

  1. Master template: Create participant, visit and specimens in one CSV

  2. Bulk import for Consents

Advanced query improvements

New fields available for reporting are:

  1. Specimen Ischemia time and Processing time

  2. Aliquot counter (i.e. show only one aliquot per specimen)

  3. Include collector and receiver details for child specimens (currently possible only for primary specimens)


  • Alerts: Automatic reminders to PIs and coordinators if their protocols are about to expire.
  • Clone CP: Easily create similar collection protocols by making copies using Clone feature. 

Enterprise plugins

These plugins are available as part of OpenSpecimen Enterprise edition.

Specimen Array (TMA)

Capture workflow of creation & processing of arrays like TMA. Once created, create slides and capture the details of events like staining.

Watch video for more details

Rapid Data Entry

One of the common specimen collection workflow is to collect primary samples at a clinic and process them in a lab. Towards this, we have developed a high throughput data entry plugin which supports bulk sample collection including decoding of pre-printed labels or barcodes.
Watch video for more details.

Request process

Allow researchers to create a pick list and submit specimen request. Site admins or managers can then process the requests and distribute or ship specimens per protocol. 

Watch video for more details


Define distribution protocol/project specific services with costing and generate invoices during distribution based on services used by researchers. 

List of enhancements

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