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OpenSpecimen Data Setup


Planning to use OpenSpecimen and wondering where to start? After OpenSpecimen is deployed, first step is for the administrators to set up the biobank data like users, containers and studies(protocols). This is one time set up initially after installation and every time a new container/protocol has to be created. This document covers the details about how to set up your biobank in OpenSpecimen.

Things to consider - before first steps

  1. Do you want to integrate label printers?
  2. Do you want to integrate OpenSpecimen with any other database like clinical database, pathology systems or patient registry?

First steps

You need to know the following to start setting up the biobank in OpenSpecimen

  1. Details of the users who will use OpenSpecimen
  2. Sites from where specimens will be collected or stored
  3. Storage container structure and dimensions (E.g. Freezer, Rack, Box etc)
  4. Collection Protocol details (e.g. consents, events, type/quanity of specimens per event, aliqouts, derivatives, etc)

Next steps

After completing the first steps, proceed to data entry steps to test your configurations. If you need to make changes, go a back and make the edits to the containers or protocols until the configuration is fine. You might encounter missing data fields at this step which will need to be created as "Custom forms".

Additional Information

  1. Go to Advanced Query and check out the standard reports
  2. Are there additional reports do you want to generate?


Refer to the Questionnaire while collecting the details from the repository users.



Got feedback or spotted a mistake?

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