Moving database from one instance to another

The list of things to be changed in OpenSpecimen when moving the production database to the test environment.

Data directory

The data directory on the app server contains files like JSON files, bulk import reports, consents files, SPR files, files uploaded via DE forms etc. Therefore the entire data directory should be copied from prod to test.

OpenSpecimen Settings

From Home → Settings → Common tab, the properties given below should be changed.

  • Application URL: This should be configured to test application URL.

  • Deployment environment: This should be changed to 'TEST'.

  • Data directory: Blank out the value, if any.

SAML Configuration

If LDAP / SAML is configured on the test server then care should be taken to ensure the LDAP/SAML configuration is not erased

  1. Following tables should not be refreshed or should not be touched: os_auth_domains, os_auth_providers, os_auth_provider_props.

    1. Alternatively, these tables need to be copied before the refresh and restored after the refresh process.

  2. The $OS_DATA_DIR/saml directory should not be touched or copied from the prod environment.