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Table of Contents

Container overview

Under each container, there are four tabs on the left-hand side: Overview, Locations, Specimens and Transfer Events (new in v6.2).


To view more details of the specimen stored in a particular location within the box, click on the cell's specimen. The overview is displayed to the right:

Exporting container details

You can export different reports by using the 'Export' feature from containers.

Exporting Map

The 'Overview' option displays details of the container. To export the content of a box to a CSV file, click on 'Overview', select the box from the tree view on the left-hand side, and then click on Export → Map. 


Once you export the file, you will get a .zip file under which you can view the .csv file like below-containing data of boxes under a specific container rack.

Download example csv 

Exporting defragmentation report

Refer to  Defragmentation Report wiki page.

Exporting empty container details

To export the number of empty rows, columns, and positions in the container.


Column NamesExplanation

Container Name

Name of container 

Container Hierarchy

Hierarchy of container 
E.g., Freezer → Rack → Box 
Store Specimen

Does the container store specimen in a specific position.

If the specimen is stored: Yes

If the specimen is not stored: No


The row number of the empty containers.
ColumnThe column number of the empty containers.
PositionThe position number of empty containers.

Exporting container utilization report

To export the utilization report of the container, select the container from the tree view on the left-hand side and then click on Export → Utilization.