How to revert a distribution?

Sometimes mistakes happen (e.g., the incorrect specimen is distributed, wrong quantity is distributed, etc.). Currently, once an order is executed, it cannot be edited.

Editing the order can be complicated because:

  1. The specimen position is vacated, but it could have been used by someone else.
  2. When partial specimens are distributed, and you edit their quantity, the system won't know how to readjust it.
  3. If receiving/distributing sites are edited, all the samples have to be reevaluated for privilege checks

The only way to reverse distribution is

  1. Return the specimens (Returning Specimens)
  2. Redistribute the correct samples in a new order

In the future, we plan to allow limited edit of the order like:

  1. Editing dates, receivers, etc.
  2. Adding more specimens to an order