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From v10.1 (and onwards)

In some biobanks, specimens are first distributed and disposed and then later on updated with the details from the testing of the specimens receiver/requester. Prior to v10.1, users were not allowed to edit disposed specimens. Users are forced to reopen the specimen, perform the necessary edits, and close/dispose. This adds 2 unwanted steps to the workflow and the user interface does not display the specimen as ‘Distributed’.


titleClick her to view details

Via UI

This option is useful when you have to edit a small number of specimens since you can edit one sample at a time. Currently, there is no way to reopen multiple specimens in one step.

  1. Go to the ‘Overview’ page of the specimen for which the details are to be edited.

  2. Click on “More > Reopen”.

  3. Edit the details and save it.

  4. To close the specimen again, click “More > Close.”

  5. You can close the samples via UI in bulk as well, using the “Actions” menu. Refer for details.

Via bulk import

This is the best-suited option to reopen/edit multiple specimens at a time.

Step 1: Reopen and edit

  1. Download the “Specimen update” CSV template. You can refer to instructions here.

  2. Enter the CP Short Title and Specimen Label.

  3. Enter the “Activity Status” as “Active” for all the rows.

  4. Enter data in other columns that you want to edit. E.g., available quantity.

  5. Save this file and import the CSV in the “Update” mode.

Step 2: Close

  1. To close the specimens again, use the same CSV.

  2. Replace “Active” with “Closed” in the “Activity Status” column.

  3. Save the CSV and import it in the “Update” mode.