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  1. Click on 'Containers' from the homepage
  2. Click on 'Create' button 
  3. Select 'Container Hierarchy' option
  4. Under the 'Type' field select type of container you wish to create, for example "-80 Freezer"
  5. Enter necessary details and click on 'Create' button

  6. You will be able to see your container in the list. This will create the whole freezer with all racks and boxes with names auto-generated based on the format specified at container type level.

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    Field TitleDescription
    TypeType of container you wish to create for your repository.
    Parent SiteThe site where the physical container exists.
    Parent ContainerThe parent container under which the container has to be created.
    DimensionThe size of the container in rows and columns. For example, Freezer has 5 shelves, each shelf having 4 racks, dimensions will be 5 and 4.
    Approximate CapacityThis is automatically calculated by default. The user can also manually specify in case the whole freezer is not created at once. Based on this the utilization presentation is shown.
    Position LabelingWithin the container map, the user can choose how the positions should be displayed - 'Linear'(1,2,3,....81) or 'Row and Column'(1,1;1,2;1,3.....)
    Labeling SchemeIndicates the position labels, e.g. Alphabets Uppercase, Numbers : (A, 1)
    Position AssignmentsThe position assignment of the container, e.g. Horizontal, top down, left to right etc.
    TemperatureThe temperature of the container.
    Store SpecimensIt depends on the type of container that directly holds the sample. e.g. a freezer or a rack does not store specimens, whereas a box stores specimens.
    Display in MapWithin the container map, the user can choose to display specimens stored by their PPID (participant protocol ID of the participant) or specimen label.
    Collection ProtocolTo dedicate a container to specific collection protocol.
    Specimen TypesTo restrict the container to hold an only specific type types of samples.

Create Single Container


  1. Parent Container is used only when you are creating sub-containers.
  2. You can create single or multiple containers without selecting any container type.
  3. Create containers in the top-down hierarchy. I.e. Freezer->Rack→Box.
  4. Restrictions set based on Collection Protocol and Specimen Types are not typically used when creating the parent container. The restriction such as these are placed at the smallest container level that is actually holding the specimen (i.e. Box)on any container is carried forward to all child containers below it by default. Restrictions can be set at any level.

Create dimensionless container