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How to configure the default fields on the query list page?

The query results view initially displays a default list of fields. However, some centers might want to configure this default results view as per local needs. Starting v4.2, this can be achieved at the system level by changing the values in the JSON file by a super administrator user.
Default results view

Download current settings

  1. Login to OpenSpecimen and navigate 'Settings'
  2. Type 'Default Result View Fields' in the search box.
  3. Click on the value 'default-result-view.json' to download the JSON file.

Remove default view setting

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 from above
  2. Click on the property row so that you are navigated to the below page
  3. Click on 'Update' so that the existing value is removed. In the list view, 'Not Specified' will be displayed instead of the file name
  4. On executing the queries, all the participant fields will be displayed in the result view by default.

Setting new values

  • The file will have values like "Participant.ppid", "Participant.regDate", etc. These are unique internal names of the fields.
  • Remove the fields you don't need.
  • To add new fields, you will need to know these internal names.
  • To get the names, go to the queries results view, select the desired columns to be displayed and check the box 'Display Field Names'.

  • See the column headers now.

  • Use these column header values to update the JSON file
  • To upload the JSON, go to the "Settings" page, click on 'Default Result View Fields' and upload the file.

  • Test the default results view is displayed by running a new query.
Got feedback or spotted a mistake?

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