Can storage container type hold two different types?

As of now, OpenSpecimen does not allow a parent container type to hold two different types. When creating the whole hierarchy in the "one-click" system, the entire hierarchy will not know which type to create in which location within the parent.

Below is the workaround to create such containers.

Example: Consider a freezer having rack with different types of boxes - some 10x10 boxes and some 8x12 boxes. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Create a box type of dimension 10x10 (-80 Box-10x10) and another box type having dimension 8x12 (-80 Box 8x12).
  2. Create Rack type 'RackMix' with 'Can hold' left blank.
  3. Create a Freezer type 'FreezerMix' with 'Can Hold' as the previously created rack type 'RackMix'.
  4. Create a container hierarchy with the type selected as 'FreezerMix' from the dropdown.
  5. Now, go to the rack container under the freezer created, and click on the '+' icon to add containers.
  6. Select the number of containers you wish to create a particular type, as shown, and click on 'Create'.

  7. For adding a container of a different type to rack, follow steps #5 and #6 and choose '-80 Box-10x10' from the Type dropdown.

Example 2: Freezer having a different shelf and rack types - some 1*9 shelf and some 1*10 shelf. Follow the steps mentioned below.

You have to create a freezer first with four spaces. After that, find the below steps:

  1. Create a box type of dimension 9x9.

     2. Create Rack 1 (4*4) type 'Can hold' box type.

     3. Create Rack 2 (6*6) type 'Can hold' box type.

     4. Create a shelf type with 'Can hold' 'Rack 2' type.

     5. Once you are ready with the container types, you can create shelves under a freezer using the hierarchy container option.

     6. Create 1st and 3rd shelf using shelf type from #4 step. 

     7. For the 2nd and 4th shelf, you can create space and then use the 'Rack 1' (first 5) and 'Rack 2' (rest 5) type in it using the hierarchy container option.