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How to disable CP reports and emails?

Disable CP report

CP reports can be disabled either at individual CP level or at the system level. This FAQ entry explains both options.

Disable individual CP reports

  • Navigate to the overview page of the collection protocol whose monthly report generation is to be disabled.
  • Click on the wrench icon displayed in the side menu and choose the "Monthly Report Settings" option.
  • In the resulting view/page, click on the "Disable Report" button. 

This will ensure individual CP reports are not generated every month.

Disable CP reports at the system level

  • Log in as a super admin user.
  • Navigate to Settings view.
  • Search for the "CP Report" setting. This should display at least two settings.
  • Blank out the values for the following settings - "CP Report" and "Specimen centric CP Report."

This will ensure no reports are generated for any CP configured in the system.

Disable CP report emails

OpenSpecimen sends out an email for each CP on an instance on the 1st of every month. This mail is sent to all the users created in that instance. Users can disable this email setting by modifying the CP report JSON set at the system level.

  1. Go to the settings page and search for the 'CP report'.
  2. This will show 2 properties 'CP Report' and 'Specimen centric CP Report'.
  3. Download both the files and open them in edit mode.
  4. Remove the "emailTmplKey": "default_cp_report" and the comma before it.
  5. Save the file and import them back into the instance.
  6. This would disable the CP report emails.

Disable report completely

If you follow the steps mentioned above, it will not send emails, but it will allow you to generate the report manually. If you wish to disable CP report generation altogether, empty the 'CP Report' property in the settings by clicking on 'Update' without uploading any file. This will remove the JSON file set in the property.

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