How to change the default OpenSpecimen login page?

In OpenSpecimen, we can set the University / IdP server login page after accessing the OpenSpecimen URL instead of displaying the dashboard.

SAML login should be enabled and configured into the OpenSpecimen before doing this setting.

To configure, go to the Settings → Authentication → Default domain.

Set the 'Default Domain' property the same as Identity Provider name configured in openspecimen.

To retrieve the IdP name, go to 'Extras → Identity Provider → Name.'

For reference:
Before configuration:

By default, value is 'Not Specified'. In this case, the dashboard page will display.

After configuration:

After the above configuration, the login page of the Krishagni's IdP server will appear.

How to revert the above setting?

If someone by mistake configured the above settings due to which now users from other domains like 'openspecimen' are not able to login to the app, we could change this by using below REST API call.









"module": "auth",

"name": "default_domain",

"value": ""