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How to reactivate deleted participant ?

There is no easy way to reactivate a deleted participant. It will take a lot of jugglery at the database end, firing SQLs, etc.

We do not recommend doing this and should be done at your risk.

The database admin can reactivate a disabled participant by changing status in participant related tables. 

OpenSpecimen stores participant details in the following tables:

  1. Participant registration details: 'catissue_coll_prot_reg' table
  2. Participant details: 'catissue_participant' table
  3. Participant MRN details: 'catissue_part_medical_id' table

Also, all the unique columns like MRN, SSN, etc are updated with a timestamp field so that later on a new patient with the same SSN or MRN can be added again. You will need to revert all this back to regain the old data again.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to reactivate participant: 

Users should know the participant id or participant registration id to make changes in the database.

Run the following command to re-activate participant 

  1. Update catissue_coll_prot_reg set activity_status = 'Active' where identifier = <participant registration id>


    Update catissue_coll_prot_reg set activity_status = 'Active' where participant_id = <participant id>

  2. Select participant_id from catissue_coll_prot_reg where identifier = <participant registration id>;
    Update catissue_participant set  activity_status = 'Active' where identifier = <participant id from above query>


    Update catissue_participant set  activity_status = 'Active' where identifier = <participant id>

 Remove appended timestamp and update below columns: 

catissue_coll_prot_regbarcodeupdate catissue_coll_prot_reg set barcode = <barcode> where identifier = <collection_protocol_registration_id>
catissue_coll_prot_regprotocol_participant_idupdate catissue_coll_prot_reg set protocol_participant_id = <protocol_participant_id> where identifier = <collection_protocol_registration_id>
catissue_participantsocial_security_numberupdate catissue_participant set social_security_number = <social_security_number> where identifier = <participant_id>;
catissue_participantempi_idupdate catissue_participant set empi_id = <empi_id> where identifier = <participant_id>;
catissue_part_medical_idmedical_record_numberupdate catissue_part_medical_id set medical_record_number = <medical_record_number> where participant_id = <participant_id>;

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