How to check if path report/custom files are uploaded?

Users can import surgical pathology reports at the visit level and additional files using custom form fields if required. It is possible to get a list of participants/visits for which the path reports were uploaded using a query.

How to create the query?

Create a new query and add a filter on the field ‘Path. Report’ under visit form like below.

Users can click on get count to find the number of participants that have the report uploaded.


On the query result, the user can select the column ‘Path. Report’ to view the file name like below


Similarly, users can create a query for the file upload fields at any level. For example, a user needs to find how many participants have a file uploaded under the field of ‘Emergency Contacts’.

Create a query on the field Emergency Contacts =’Exists'

Users can view the uploaded file name on the query result page like below.