Active Users’ Report

The feature allows super administrators to understand the usage of OpenSpecimen within the institute. It would be interesting and important to understand how many active users use the system, who are the top users, etc. This can also be used for planning for hardware resources for the server.

From v6.2 OpenSpecimen allows admin/Institute admin user to create a report of active users by month, date for a specified time interval.


  1. Click ‘Users’ from home page or from the menu list

  2. Click ‘More’ and then ‘Active Users’

  1. Fill in the necessary details i.e. Institute, start date, and end date

  2. Select the type of report you want to view i.e. monthly or daily, bar or line graph

  3. Once all the details are filled in the system will show the report of active users. This report can be exported by clicking the export button.