Collection Protocol CSV

From v7.1, it is possible to bulk import CP event and specimen requirements. This is useful for bulk importing legacy data, managing large CPs, or interfacing with external apps.

Refer to the below pages for details.

Collection Protocol Fields.

Note: There is no support for importing main CP fields

Field Name
Data type


StringYesYou can select multiple sites from the dropdown where the study is being carried out.
TitleStringYesThe long title of the research study

Short Title

StringYesShort title to identify the study from the CP list pageShould be unique within the system


StringNo'CP code' that can be used to generate the participant IDsShould be unique within the system

Principal Investigator

StringYesThe user who leads the study
Protocol CoordinatorStringNo

specialized a researcher who supports the management and coordination of clinical research studies. There can be multiple coordinators selected.

DateIntegerNoStart and End date of the study. Some clinical trials are for a specific duration.
Ethics Approval ID/IRB IDIntegerNoThe 'approval ID' given by the Ethics committee to conduct the study 
TypeStringNoIf the study collects participant's information, then select 'Participant centric' else 'Specimen centric' for specimen biobanks.
Anticipated Participants CountIntegerNoThe number of participants that will be registered to the protocol. (The number of actual registrations can exceed)
SOP Document URLStringNo

Link to the SOP document uploaded on the university web portal

SOP Document File
NoDuring CP creation, the user can also upload the study-related standard operating procedure document files. The users can access the SOPs that have been set at the CP level during data entry. This helps them perform any procedure consistently.
Store SPRs?
NoThe visit page will show the SPR tab if enabled.
Extract Text from SPR PDF Docs?
NoThe text from the uploaded SPR file is shown in the 'Surgical Pathology Reports' section when enabled. (If the SPR contains scanned images, then there is no text extracted)