How to move specimens from one freezer to another?

A freezer could fail or be temporarily out of order. The freezer may have different dimensions compared to the other one.


  1. The new freezer and its racks, shelves, etc are already created in OpenSpecimen.

Specimen movement through UI:

Use case 1: If specimens are not stored in the same box.

  1. Go to the box in which the specimen is stored and click on the 'Specimen' tab on the left panel.

     2. Select the specimen you want to move to another box.

     3. After selecting the specimen, click on the 'Action' button and select the 'Transfer' option. You will get re-directed to the bulk transfer specimens page.

    4.  Provide the 'New Location' (position) of the new box and click on submit.

Use case 2: If the boxes have to be moved.

  1. Go to the overview of the box which you want to move to another rack/shelf. 

     2. Click on the 'Transfer' button and the below screen will popup.


      3.  Fill in the new freezer details in the 'Parent Container' field and click on the transfer button.

Note: You can provide the position beside the 'Parent Container' field in which you want to move the box.

Specimen movement using bulk import:

Use case 1: If specimens are not stored in the same box

  1. Export the specimen data from the current freezer.
  2. Edit the new locations in the new freezer in the exported CSV
  3. Import CSV to update the new locations.

Use case 2: If the boxes have to be moved

  1. Export the complete hierarchy of the freezer from the container list page. This will export the list of racks, boxes, etc within that freezer.
  2. Clear out all the columns except Name and Storage Location#Parent Container Name. 
  3. Delete the unwanted rows. E.g. if you are only moving boxes, then delete all the rows for racks, shelves, freezers, etc.
  4. Update the "Storage Location#Parent Container Name" to the new parent location. E.g. box_1 is moved to new_rack_1.
  5. Import the CSV in "Update" mode.

This will update all the current boxes to the new freezer location. The specimens inside the box will remain as-is.