Difference between 'Missed' & 'Not Collected' collection status

While collecting specimens, users can set different status like pending, missed, not collected, etc. Below is the difference between the different 'Missed Collection' and 'Not Collected' status:

'Missed Collection' is used when specimen collection(planned as per the protocol definition) is missed. 

'Not Collected' is used in use cases like:

  • The site cannot release the block that is requested but will be sending the alternate specimens. Thus the block will be marked 'Not Collected,' and the other specimen will be marked collected.
  • The patient has surgery, and there is not enough tissue to submit. Thus the specimen is marked 'Not Collected.'
  • If a patient withdraws from a study, then all the remaining specimens are marked as 'Not Collected.' 
  • If a patient fails a screening, then all the specimens are marked as 'Not Collected.'