Advanced Settings (Introduced in v6.1)

In OS v6.1, a new section of 'Show Advanced Settings' is added below the 'Import Type' options, as shown below:

The newly added 'Field Separator' box allows the user to select delimiter for the bulk import .csv file.

If nothing is specified in the Field Separator, it takes the default value that is specified at the system level settings.

In order to download a template file with a specified delimiter:

  1. In the Bulk Import Records page, select the value for which you wish to import records.
  2. Click on "Show advanced settings".
  3. Specify the delimiter ( , or ; ).
  4. Click on 'Download template file'.

User can then open the template in any editor, add the records which are to be imported and save it. While saving, make sure the delimiter selected is the same as the one specified in the Bulk Imports page.